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ITA Facility Programs

Intermountain Therapy Animals team volunteers currently participate in animal-assisted interactions (AAT or AAA) in a full spectrum of healthcare and educational settings. Following are typical examples:

Alzheimers Care Units

Assisted Living Centers

Boys and Girls Clubs and other after-school programs

Camp Programs for various populations, including cancer,


Developmental Disabilities, programs for children, youth and adults

Eating Disorder programs

Grief and Grieving Programs

Guardian ad Litem offices

Head Start and Pre-School Programs


Hospitals, including:

  1. Burn ICU

  2. Cancer treatment

  3. Rehabilitation therapies

  4. Room visits

  5. Waiting Rooms

  6. Emergency and Behavioral Health Units

Juvenile Detention Programs/Prison and Correctional Facilities

Residential Treatment Centers, for children, adolescents and psychiatric clients

Schools, including Special Education and R.E.A.D.

Senior Care Centers, short- and long-term

Libraries (R.E.A.D.)

Veterans Hospitals

Women and Children's Domestic Violence Shelters

If you are interested in the possibility of launching a program at your facility (Utah only), please fill out the Facility Request Form.doc. We will send your request out to our therapy teams as well as add your facility to our online waiting list. Please understand, due to the high demand for animal-assisted therapy programs and because our team associates are volunteering, it can take a long time (if at all) to start a program. If your request is older than 1 year before a team is found, you will need to resubmit this form. If you have any questions about this, please email For all other inquires, please contact

Community Presentations

We make over 30 presentations annually about the work of therapy animals to university students, community organizations and professional groups and conferences of all kinds and sizes. Please contact Executive Director Kathy Klotz at 801-272-3439 or to discuss and schedule.

Classroom Presentations

We make classroom presentations on Dog Safety or Responsible Pet Care. Please contact Sabrina at 801-272-3439 or if you would like to have our animals come to your class.

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