May 2013

These are some of the things the students have said in thank you cards they have made:

You have helped make my year in second grade special.

I like it when it is my turn to read with you because it is fun.

I love you. I love George.

Thank you so much for coming in every week and helping us read.

Thank you for training George to be polite. You have helped me learn more by reading books.

Thank you for sitting by my side and listening to me read. You are very nice and you fill up my heart.

It is very very fun to have a wonderful dog in school.

I Love dogs and I especially Love George. George is really well behaved.

It is fun to read with George. George makes reading fun.

George is so polite and loving. She is very sweet and kind and especially cute and snuglly.

You are both very special. George is really good at behaving and Miss Helen is sweet and kind. George is a really good listener. Miss Helen and George are the best!

R.E.A.D. Team Helen Kline Kranz and George
Second grade classroom at Alta Sierra School in Grass Valley, CA

I only like to read if I am in a good mood. I am usually in a good mood on Saturdays because I have a chance to read to Lucky.

Kimberly Rubio, age 10
Salt Lake City, Utah

It seems like they listen more. Mostly when you read to people they’re looking around, not listening to you.

Craig Lampani, age 12
Fredericksburg, Virginia

They sit there and don’t interrupt. They don’t ask questions like people.

Emily Truman, age 6
Fredericksburg, Virginia

November 2005

Last year in grade 1, I didn’t know how to read. It didn’t make me feel very good about myself. After I started to read to Chelsea I felt good. I like to read to her because she helps me with words and she’s a good listener. Now I can read a lot of different books. That makes me very happy. My favourite thing I like about Chelsea is that she does cool tricks and barks to say “bye” to me.

Jesse, age 7
Lord Aylmer School, Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA